Our services in detail

As an experienced service provider, we are your partner for the multimedia supply of your properties and would like to give you an initial overview of our services. We would also be happy to answer your questions in a personal conversation, we are looking forward to it!

Internet and TV connection

via local area network

Using structured LAN cabling, we can provide tenants with fast Internet connections, comprehensive WiFi and a wide range of IPTV services with many national and international programmes in digital quality. A TV set can be connected via a set-top-box. In addition, all programs can also be received via the computer.

We will be happy to coordinate the programme with you in order to offer your tenants an optimal media experience.


via TV cable network

As one of the few Internet providers on the market, we are in a position to offer professional Internet connections and WiFi coverage on the basis of an existing TV cable network system. You do not need any internal LAN cabling; even older TV tree networks are no problem for us. We use the same technology as the large cable network operators. With mostly no or only minor structural changes, we can provide fast and reliable Internet connections for the tenants in all rooms.


The TV supply is mostly realized via a SAT headend in digital quality.
Of course, it is also possible to feed in cable television from the local cable network operator.


In addition to supplying the residential units with classic wired connections via local area network (LAN) or via the TV cable network, we also offer a powerful managed WiFi for your properties. Depending on your requirements, we can design the WiFi area-wide or just selectively if you only want to supply certain areas such as learning lounges or common rooms with wireless Internet. Here we rely on current security standards and have also developed our own solutions to reduce the administrative effort to a minimum.

The advantages of our wireless LAN:

  • In our area-wide managed WiFi, your tenants can move freely within the property and always have a functional WiFi network available. Of course without complicated reconnection and always reliable and individually encrypted.
  • Your tenants can connect an unlimited number of devices to our WiFi.
  • In order to be able to connect printers, game consoles or TV sets securely to the managed WiFi, your tenants also have the additional option of setting up their own private WiFi network independently and easily.
  • For you and your tenants, there is no volume limit on use.
  • As one of the few commercial providers in Germany, we also offer the use of Eduroam in our WiFi systems. This means that your student tenants can also use the university's access data in their properties to gain access to the Internet. WiFi couldn't be simpler.

Connection concepts

for your properties

We have a variety of options for connecting your properties to the Internet or the state university network:

  • fiber optic
  • directional radio
  • TV cable network
  • (V)DSL

We already check the technical possibilities in your properties during the property inspection in order to be able to offer you the best possible supply concept. Cost efficiency, efficiency and the satisfaction of your tenants are our top priorities.

Your advantages

are summarized in the following overview

  • Cost-effective internet, phone and (IP)TV connections for your tenants! Of course without individual activation fee and specially tailored to your requirements.
  • Billing as collective collection via the incidental rental costs or with the tenants via individual billing.
  • Compliance with legal framework conditions of the TKG and privacy policy!
  • Comprehensive support and multilingual 24h hotline for your tenants.
  • Increases in the residential value of your real estate with mostly no or only minor structural changes.
  • Full service from a single source - nationwide.
  • Integration of building management systems (BMS) and secure networking of your offices with modern VPN technologies.

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